Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The one with all the spuds

Firstly, the weather this year is appalling. This time last year I was nursing sunburn after an unseasonably 20 degrees at the end of March. This year I am trying to avoid frostbite in my extremities. SORT IT OUT weather gods!!

Anyway, there was a brief gap in the minus figures and the ground was not totally frozen, and the children were all away, so it seemed perfect opportunity to spend 6 hours on the new plot digging out couch grass and dandelions and then planting the first early spuds.

OH (who officially owns the new plot) I think is just starting to realise the enormity of the task *he (*I) have taken on!

Due to the amount of weeds/couch grass that have been inherited I am thinking of using some glyphos just to help get the top growth down and loosen the weed roots to make digging slightly easier. I'm not a fan of using chemicals at all, but in order to get the job done slightly more time efficiently it may be what is required. At least with a glyphos it wont damage the soil and may prevent damage to our backs. It's a tough call when I try to use nothing but natural products on the plots.

Anyway, here's some photos while I ponder the best course of action...

All dug ready for spuds 

First row of Pentland Javelin in the ground 

Look more like burial mounds than rows of spuds lol!!
So far 4 rows of Pentland Javelin and 3 rows of Charlotte. 

This was a kit that I bought a few weeks ago and was promised a box full of deliciously fresh mushrooms. So far only one large solitary one. It needs a few friends to join it!!

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